Andy’s Blog 31st July

It’s been a really sad and emotional week this week, having to visit 5 bereaved families and organise funeral services. Your prayers would be much appreciated.

Andy’s Blog 25th July

Spent a fair bit of time this week dealing with certain issues with 121 but still was able to visit a few people and enjoyed the conversations I had with those I visited - it's something I really look forward to every week.

Andy’s Blog 11th July

Only one meeting this week which meant I was able to do more visits than usual, which was nice. Even managed an evening in the garden - horrendous - weeds, weeds and more weeds!!


Eight Guild members and a friend paid an inspiring visit to Cameron House Inverness on Wednesday 1st July. The theme chosen by Janet Winchester was VE Day. Memories were evoked using songs, poems, original newspapers and ration books. We played two games--- a ration game where we realised how little 2oz of items such as …