Andy’s Blog 30 January

Seemed to spend a bit of time on the phone to 121 this week and dealing with admin, but was still able to do some visiting and spend some time with folks in their own homes, which I find very humbling and a great privilege.

Andy’s Blog 23 January

For different reasons this has been quite an emotional week but it ended on a happy note    today with a double Ordination service in Knockbain Church - and with Susan Cord inducted as the new minister there it means that my duties as Interim Moderator are now over.

Andy’s Blog 14th January

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary since my induction here and it was good to begin the day with the prayer meeting and then spend time at the River Café enjoying a cuppa and a blether. Year 11 begins today....


The first meeting of Ferintosh Parish Church Guild was held in the small Hall on Monday 4th January 2016. Despite the cold weather, there was a warm atmosphere of fellowship for the New Year. We watched excerpts from the National Meeting held in Dundee in September 2015. This is now known as the Gathering. There were quite …