Andy’s Blog 28 May

Didn't manage to see as much of the General Assembly this week as I hoped to, however, was moved by the report of the Chaplain to HM Forces, inspired and uplifted by the reports of Church and Society and Mission and Discipleship, and encouraged by the report from the Moderator of the NYA. Was also …

Andy’s Blog 21 May

Managed to catch the opening of the General Assembly today. It's available to watch live each day via the Church of Scotland website, or if you have an ipad or tablet you can download the app from and watch it through this - and you can also obtain the daily papers through this app.

Andy’s Blog 11 May

Had a nice afternoon at the River Café today having a chat with those who were there. And nice to catch up with one or two from Muir of Ord who came along too.

Sunday Club 8/5/16

We looked at a video animation of how life was for the believers of Jesus.  The people were kind and shared everything they had with each other.  The church was not the building but the people who met together.  In church Andrew, the trainee minister, very kindly gave out presents of Christian books to all …

Sunday Club 1/5/16

In our circle we prayed for Fred and Doreen who are in hospital. We read about what Jesus did after he rose from the dead and how he appeared to his disciples.  Tom Thomas gave us some marigold seedlings to pot up and grow at home.  Thank you Tom.

Sunday Club 10/4/16

After the Easter break we did a work sheet that was sent from the people in Cuba for World Pray Day in March. We played a game outside of finding paper fish and putting them in our net baskets, just as Jesus gathered his disciples.

Sunday Club 20/3/16

We celebrated Palm Sunday by making blowing instruments and reading about the Easter story.  The children all received a lovely New Testament & Psalms book from a very generous, anonymous member of the congregation.  A big thank you from all of Sunday Club and FYF.