Sunday Club 20/3/16

We celebrated Palm Sunday by making blowing instruments and reading about the Easter story.  The children all received a lovely New Testament & Psalms book from a very generous, anonymous member of the congregation.  A big thank you from all of Sunday Club and FYF.

Sunday Club 6/3/16

We learnt the names of the twelve disciples and how Jesus loves his people.  For Mothers' day we invited FYF and the Creche to come and make floral art to give to our loved ones and some tablet that Isobel shared out.  

Sunday Club 28/2/16

We looked at Stephen the Martyr and played Kum bah Yah with FYF, that we later shared with the congregation.

Sunday Club 14/2/16

  To celebrate pancake day we had a race and ate pancakes. As it was valentine day we painted stones with hearts to give to our loved ones.

Sunday Club 7/2/16

Today we learnt how Jesus healed a boy who suffered with an evil spirit. Isobel showed us what to do if anyone had epilepsy and how to put someone into the recovery position after they had seizure.

Sunday Club 24/1/16

We read about The Fiery Furnace and how God is with us especially in hard times. We learnt a song about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that the children shared with the congregation.

Sunday Club 10/1/16

Last year we did a story about the Widows Mite and decided to do chores at home to earn 20p a time. The children worked hard and raised twenty pounds so we could buy  fifteen small boxes of chocolates to give to people in the church and community to show we care.