14th October 2018 

But the wisdom from above is in the first place pure; and then peace-loving, considerate and open-minded; it is straightforward and sincere, rich in compassion and in deeds of kindness that are its fruit. Peace is the seed-bed of righteousness, and the peacemakers will reap its harvest.
James 3: 17-18 (Revised English Bible)

  • God of the impossible, we pray for justice, peace and reconciliation. And when the challenges seem too many, remind us of your resurrection power, and the miracles of your love that happen whenever injustice is dismantled and rebuilt with peace. Help us to hope that the impossible can happen and live as if it might do so today. (World Mission Council enews)
  • Pray for the Children’s Care & Education Services of CrossReach. Give thanks for the staff team for their commitment during the challenging period of change. Pray for all the children and young people and staff as a new chapter is begun in the new school—Erskine Waterfront Campus. Pray for the survivors of childhood abuse and that they will find solace through the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, National Confidential Forum and national initiatives of support. (CrossReach Prayer Diary)
  • Pray for Ethiopia, where there is not enough rain in certain areas of the country. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the government to deal with this continuous problem. Thank the Lord for funds from organisations in the Netherlands to support persons affected by leprosy and their communities to overcome the difficult period of drought. (Ask Leprosy Mission Prayer Diary)
  • Pray for each other in this congregation, these villages and communities in which we live and our neighbours. Pray that God will be in the midst of all that is being done to show the Gospel here by so many people to so many.

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me! Break me, melt me, mould me, fill me! Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. (Daniell Iverson 1890-1977)