23rd February 2020

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgements he pronounced. Psalm 105:4,5 

  • In February, pray for the persecuted church especially in Algeria, Iraq, China and North Korea. Pray for Christians in Tizi Ouzou province of Algeria where many church closures have occurred. Three churches closed on one day in October. This is due to a government crackdown and more than 11 churches have been closed. Pray that this persecution will end soon.
  • Pray for the success of the Faitrade movement at the start of the Fairtrade Fortnight. Please pray that those who farm and produce our food and other items for sale may receive a fair price for their considerable efforts and that more of the money goes to those who do the work and not “middle men”.
  • Give thanks for Gaberston House, Alloa as it provides a home, a place of refuge and a place where people are cared for by compassionate and patient staff. The house is a residential service for adults with mental health issues, based in tranquil private grounds. Pray that each individual supported there may experience God’s peace through their challenges and His joy in happy times. (CrossReach Prayer Diary)
  • Pray for someone you know who is experiencing a rough time now. Pray for God’s love and strength to come to them. May we be God’s kind hands whenever we can.

How good is the God we adore! Our faithful unchangeable friend: his love is as great as his power and knows neither measure nor end. Joseph Hart 1712-68