FYF Blog 25/10/15

FYF started back today after the October break. We did a couple of small fun Bible quizzes and then had a short Bible study on Ecclesiastes Ch3 v1-8, "A time for everything"

Sunday Club 20/09/15

In Sunday School we watched the miracle of the five loaves and two fish shared with over 5000 people.  We played  the game Swim fish swim and also magnetic fishing relay.  After a large snack of tiger bread and crackers Isobel explained about the 20p pot, where the children do a chore at home for …

FYF Blog 20.09.15

Today we looked at poverty and in particular, the meaning of poverty. We realised that poverty can come in many different forms and that poverty still exists in many developed countries as well as those that are still developing. We thought about the things that we own and / or value and we made a list of everything …

FYF Blog 13/09/15

This week FYF were learning about Mary Slessor. She was a Scottish missionary who went to Africa in 1876, in her late twenties. While she was out there she faced many challenges such as illness and disease, and she helped resolve issues in tribal communities. She learned the language so that she could communicate with …

FYF Blog 6/9/15

Today, we wrote the article for the Church newsletter and began looking at another relevant issue for Christians, the environment. In particular what we can do to improve and protect it as a way of glorying Gods creation. We also wrote some prayers for the prayer tree based on some of the issues currently affecting the world.

Today at Sunday Club

Today we looked at the Parable of the lost sheep. We learnt the points of the compass and then played a running game. We also coloured in sheep pictures and played a memory card game where we had to find matching pairs of cards. Below are some pictures from this morning.

Sunday Club

Sunday was our first day back after the Summer holidays and we were looked at the Parable of the sower. We went outside and scattered bird seed in different places and finally on good soil in a planter.  Later we did some flower pressing, we will use the pressed flowers to make book marks in a few …