Church News 12th October 2014

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF Sunday Club and FYF are now finished for the holidays and will return on 26th October at 10.50am. As always there is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning.

PRAYER GROUP The prayer group will meet at 10am on Wednesday 22nd October in the hall.

PASTORAL CARE TEAM The Team is able to help you with small household tasks, call for a chat or transport to appointments either to the Health Centre or Raigmore Hospital. We also offer to take you to visit relatives or friends who are in hospital or in residential care. Contact either your elder or the coordinator, Liz Glashan (01349 861532) to make arrangements. Remember we do need time to sort out arrangements.

LADIES BIBLE STUDY This group meets each Wednesday in the small Church Hall at 1.30pm. We continue to study the Ten Commandments. Please seriously think about joining us to study God’s word and put into practice His ways. The ladies are very welcoming.

COMMUNITY CHOIR The Community Choir has now stopped for the October holidays and will restart on Wednesday 29th October at 7.30pm in the church hall.

CROSSREACH A sample of a CrossReach calendar is available for viewing and a list if you’d like to order. There are also a few catalogues for cards etc. This includes other styles of calendars. Please make a list of anything from the catalogue which you’d like and these can be ordered and collected along with the items on the main calendar list.  No money is required until the goods are here. Any questions speak to Janette Steele.

PASTORAL DUTIES Rev’d Graham can be contacted on 861275 if required for any Pastoral duties.