Andy’s Blog 7th June

Although the sun did pop out once or twice, it was by in large a damp and blustery Saturday afternoon yesterday when we had our Strawberry Fayre. However, not even the dreich conditions could dampen the smiles on the faces of those who were looking after the different stalls and of all, from the whole community, who came along to join in. Not quite singing in the rain, but laughing and smiling through the rain. Inside, where we gathered for a hot cuppa and some tasty baking, there was a real buzz as everyone caught up with friends and it was so good to hear the chatter and laughter. Hard work for everyone involved but God’s work is never easy! 🙂
After church this morning had a lovely lunch with the Kirk Session who had invited Heidi, Tony and Jack to join us in appreciation of her time spent with us. Unfortunately Jack has chickenpox and Tony had to stay home to look after him. I pray that Jack will be better soon and wish them all every blessing over the summer at Ullapool.
Looking forward to the challenges of a new week!