Church News Sunday 19th July

Church News Sunday 19th July

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF The Sunday Club and FYF are on holiday and will return on Sunday 23rd August. As always there is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning.

PRAYER GROUP The prayer group have now suspended their meetings for a few weeks and will start again in the first week in August. However, although we are not meeting for the next few weeks, that doesn’t mean to say that we need to stop praying and I would encourage everyone to take time to pray each week.

PASTORAL CARE TEAM Even during the holiday season, the Team members are on hand to help. Just contact either your elder or the coordinator, Janette Steele (01349 861591), and we will make every effort to assist. Remember, it takes time to organise. Let us know in plenty of time, please.

CHURCH FINANCES  In line with the Board’s decision to keep the congregation updated in terms of our finances, over the month of June our total receipts amounted to £3,785.70 whilst our outgoings were £5,446.94. So again we have a deficit, this time of £1,661.24 making our deficit for this year so far £5,453.05.

Guild: An update on the Projects – Years 2012-2015

Comfort Rwanda (building a better Rwanda)                   £97,522.60

CrossReach (Heart for Art, Scotland)                              £139,961.52

Mary’s Meals (making a difference in Liberia)                  £117.786.72

Ministries Council (Passage from India, Scotland)           £92,672.91

Scottish Churches Housing Action (Julius Project, Scot)             £109,475,47

World Mission Council (Out of Africa into Malta)             £113,247,71

Grand Total to Date                £670,666.93

All you can say to that is WOW!!  Well done those in this Guild and congregation who supported the projects over the last three years. Look out for further details coming soon on the Projects for 2015-2018.

Order of Service for this week