Day of Prayer and Reflection

Ferintosh Parish Church opened its doors on Saturday 28th November 2015 for a day of Prayer and Reflection.

Concerns for our world and community were reflected in the choice of subjects highlighted— inequality; homelessness; foodbanks; refugees; Syria. There were stations dotted about the sanctuary where people could sit and read prayers or pray their own prayers for these situations. Throughout the day there was sympathetic music but also some time of silence to help with the reflections and prayers.

Tearfund provided two moving DVDs showing an exploited child in India made to work 21 hours each day for no pay until he managed to return home due to ill-health and the family then received help from a Christian agency. The other showed the refugee camps and refugees in Syria and their dreadful plight.

There was opportunity to join in group prayer too.

Tea and coffee were very welcome on such an inclement day.

It was a joy to welcome members of our own congregation and some from others close by.

This was the second such day and we hope to continue this in future years.