Church Constitution

For some time now, after much prayer and reflection, the Kirk Session have been considering changing the constitution that we operate under and have discussed this further with the Congregational Board. We would now like to hold a Congregational meeting to come to a decision on this matter.

At the moment we operate under what is known as The Model Deed Constitution where we have a Kirk Session, consisting of Ordained Elders, who are responsible for all spiritual matters and a Congregational Board, consisting of these same Elders and elected members of the congregation, who are responsible for fabric and finance etc. The major drawback with this system is that you have to be a Communicant Member of the Church to be elected on to the Congregational Board which limits those who can be involved in the running of the Church and perhaps denies many gifted individuals from exercising those gifts fruitfully to the glory of God and the building up of the Church.

We are proposing to change to The Unitary Constitution which would see the Kirk Session ultimately responsible for all matters within the Church, assisted by a number of appointed committees whose members could include anyone from within the congregation, Adherents as well as Communicant Members. This would hopefully allow more people to use their gifts and skills in the building up and running of our Church.

Therefore, we plan to hold a short meeting after morning worship on the 24th of January 2016 to discuss this further and come to a decision. More information will be provided before this and there will be an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns etc at the meeting, before taking a vote on the issue. Unfortunately, although the meeting is open to all members of the congregation, under Church Law only Communicant Members will be able to vote at the end of the meeting. Nevertheless, we hope and pray that many of you will stay behind to have your input into this.