Church News Sunday 24th July

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF Sunday Club and FYF are on holiday and will restart again on Sunday 21st August, however, as always children are welcome in Church over the holidays and we would be delighted to see them. There is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning

PRAYER GROUP The prayer group will meet on Wednesday 27th July at 10.00am in the small hall. This will be the last meeting for a few weeks and we will start again at the beginning of September – details to be published closer to the time. However, whilst we may not be meeting as a prayer group, we can and should still be spending time in prayer with God wherever we are.

PASTORAL CARE Call either your elder or the coordinator, Janette Steele (01349 861591), if you need some assistance. We will do our best to help. Please allow time for arrangements to be made if you need to be taken to appointments.

KIRK SESSION The Kirk Session will meet on Thursday 11th August at 7.00pm in the Church hall. Copies of minutes and agendas will be available next week both for those who receive hard copies and those who receive them via email.

CAN YOU HELP? The Conon Gala is to be held on Saturday 27th August from 1 – 4pm in the Village Playing Field, beside the Church. Once again, we plan to serve teas in the Church hall between 1pm and 3.30pm. We also plan to set up 2 gazebos in the Church garden to sell books and plants, so donations of home baking, books and plants would be most welcome. Your help and support for this event would be gratefully appreciated. If you can help in any way, please add your name to the list at the back of the Church, or contact Janet Murray (864024) or Isabel MacDonald (861767). Many thanks.

SUPPLIES FOR EKWENDENI HOSPITAL The Kirk Session has agreed that this year we should collect bandages and gloves for Ekwendeni Hospital. Baskets will be available in the Church vestibule for the rest of July and August to receive donations of:

  • Bandages of all sizes in original wrapping, and with a “use by date” (if applicable) of at least one year ahead
  • Thin gloves (“surgical gloves”) – any size
  • Heavier duty gloves (“Marigold” or equivalent) – any size

Thank you all so much for donating to this necessary facility. You have been so generous over the past few weeks. Unfortunately the need continues and especially so in the school holidays. Please see poster in annex of the Church to find out what is most urgent this month.

FINANCES The financial position of the Church is as follows –

Payments for June………..…            £5,072

Receipts for June…… ………            £2,834

DEFICIT for month…………..            £2,238

Accumulated DEFICIT

For 6 months to June……….. £5,618

Order of service for this week