Church News Sunday 20th August

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF Sunday Club and FYF meet at 10.50am today. There is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning.

PRAYER GROUP The prayer meetings continue on Wednesday mornings at 10.00am in the small hall. The Prayer Group are happy to pray for any requests which any of the congregation have. Feel free to put any prayers in the box in the vestibule.

PASTORAL CARE We have dedicated people on the Team who are willing to be of assistance. Give us a call either contacting your elder or the coordinator, Janette Steele (01349 861591).

HOLY COMMUNION On Sunday 3rd September we will be celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion at our morning worship at 11.00am. The Kirk Session are asked to meet in the small hall at 10.45am prior to worship.

GIFT DAY 2017 It has been agreed that our Annual Gift Day will be held on Saturday 2nd September between 10am and 12 noon.  Invitation letters will be issued shortly.

KIRK SESSION The next meeting of the Kirk Session will be on Thursday 24th August at 7.00pm and it will meet in the Church Hall. Minutes and Agendas are available to uplift now. Elders who receive their Minutes and Agenda by email should have them by now. Members of the congregation are welcome to attend Kirk Session Meetings as observers but are not allowed to contribute to any discussions that take place unless invited to do so by the Chairperson. Also, from time to time observers may be asked to leave a meeting if any items of Restricted Business are on the Agenda.

FERINTOSH FOCUS The next edition of the Ferintosh Focus Newsletter will be published mid-September. All articles are to be with the Editorial team by 8th September.

GUILD There is still one ticket available for the National Gathering on 2nd September in Caird Hall, Dundee. If you’d like the ticket please speak to Janette Steele. Janet Winchester is willing to drive there and back for anyone who is unable to go by public transport. Please contact as soon as possible.

Ross-Tain Presbyterial Council have arranged to live stream the National Gathering in Alness at the Capstone Community room from 10.15am – 15.30pm for those who cannot travel to Dundee. All are welcome. For a donation, there will be tea/coffee, home baking and sandwiches available throughout the day. People can attend for all of the day or just part. The Capstone Centre is situated at the top of Alness High Street with a car park alongside the café or further up the road on the left. Dr Pam Cairns will be the keynote speaker this year and the Moderator, Rt Rev. Derek Browning, will also share his thoughts on his year in office.

NEW START HIGHLAND We will be completing our collection for this deserving cause at the end of August. Thank you to those who have so generously donated already. Can you help with either the Starter Packs or Cleaning packs? Please leave donations in Church Hall.
HIGHLAND FOODBANK Could you donate any of the following? Teabags, coffee, meals-in-a tin, washing powder, biscuits. Thank you, so generous people.

HIGHLAND SUPPORTS REFUGEES Many people have asked about the event held by this organisation in our Church hall on Saturday 12th August. It was an occasion to bring together the Syrian families who have been relocated to different parts of the Highlands and Islands, to allow them to get to know each other and to exchange experiences and support. Around 40 adults, and almost as many children, from babies to teenagers, arrived from Lewis, Lochaber, Moray, Easter Ross and Orkney. They talked, ate and played together, and it was wonderful to see every part of the hall, as well as the playing field, used to the full, to hear the buzz of conversation (even if it could not be understood) and to observe the happiness on the faces of young and old. This was part of a whole weekend’s programme, which included a reception at the Mosque in Inverness, and hospitality overnight for those from further away. Those who were involved in organising the event and in helping out on the day all found it a very worthwhile and uplifting experience. Many thanks to those from the congregation who provided food, and who helped out.

USED STAMPS If you have any stamps at home for the World Mission Council World Stamp appeal, could you please bring them to Church or give them to Janet Winchester before the end of August, as the stamps collected will be handed over on 2nd September. The money raised this year will go to provide books for the Giffen Institute of Theology of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, which is currently located in a refugee camp in Kenya. Many books and other resources have been lost or destroyed during the years of civil war in the country.
PASTORAL DUTIES Rev’d Russel Smith can be contacted on 861011 if required for any Pastoral duties.  

Order of Service for this week