Prayer from Sunday 21st February

Father God, we thank you for your unconditional love for all your children. It is so reassuring to know that you are aware of what is in our hearts even before we form the thoughts or speak the words. And so we come to you now with our concerns for ourselves and for others, believing that you hear us and will respond as you know is best for us.

In this time of uncertainty, isolation and loss, we pray for reassurance, comfort and hope, for ourselves and for all those particularly affected:

for those who are ill in body or in mind, may they know your healing and your peace;

for those who are fearful, anxious or just plain fed up, may they gain strength and the will to persevere from depending on you;

for those who have lost loved ones, in particular the families and friends of Florence Wilkerson and Ann Fraser, and all those in our local area who have lost their lives due to Covid-19, may they be comforted by your love;

for those who face loss of employment and financial difficulties, may they find support and hope through those guided by you to meet their needs;

for children and young people and their parents and carers, teachers and lecturers, and all others with responsibility for their wellbeing and education, may they feel your closeness and draw on your strength;

for those caring for loved ones with reduced support, may they know your loving arms around them when strength and patience are at a low ebb.

With grateful thanks, we remember the work of those with special responsibilities at this time, health and social care workers, emergency service personnel, shop workers and delivery drivers, all those who keep our public services running, and our roads and transport systems functioning, those who work and volunteer in churches, or other religious bodies and charities. Keep them safe and lend your strength and courage when theirs threaten to fail.

We remember too those who are tasked with leading us through these difficult times, faced with ever changing information, sometimes contradictory advice, and the constant challenge of balancing different needs. Grant your wisdom, clarity of vision and courage to all those in national and local government, we pray.

While we grapple with the situation in our own land, let us not forget our brothers and sisters throughout the world, especially those who face poverty, disaster, conflict and persecution. May they all know comfort and hope in you. Guide and strengthen those within these countries and internationally who seek solutions, and help us see how we can play our part, even from afar.

Before we join in the prayer Jesus taught us, let us take a few moments for our own personal prayers for family, friends, for situations, issues or causes close to our hearts.

The Lord’s Prayer