Sunday Club

Having stayed in Church for the whole service on Communion Sunday and listened intently to Mr Lincoln's sermon, today we pooled our memories and our thoughts. We read again John 6:1-15, and decided that the main meassage for us was that God can do even what seems completely impossible, and that we should trust him …

Sunday Club 18/12/16

We had a great time putting on the Nativity with the choir as our angels, joining in with song and tinsel too! Thank you to everyone involved, especially the children for all their practice to remember their words.

Sunday Club 30/10/16

Sunday Club and FYF have collected lots of practical items and gifts to put into two shoe boxes for the Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal, that will be sent off to Albania for Christmas.  I took them along to  the Free Church Hall, Maryburgh, the next week to give to Marie and the team of volunteers. …

Sunday Club 2/10/16

Genesis 4 v 1-16. We look at the brothers Cain the farmer, and Abel the shepherd, and how Cain's jealousy and anger lead him to kill his brother. Making the best choice is not always easy, ask yourself what would Jesus want me to do. Sunday Club will have two weeks off and return on …

Sunday Club 25/9/16

Harvest Family service, we gave our gifts of pasta and tins for the church display . A lot of Sunday Club were away this weekend and the rest were involved in the Baxters charity fun run in Inverness.  FYF took part in the Family service doing a prayer and reading.

Sunday Club 18/9/16

Genesis 2 & 3, we looked on the tablet for the story of Adam and Eve with the temptation of the Tree of knowledge. Then we talked about good and bad choices that we can make and played a games of  snakes and ladders. Here s a picture from last weeks activity on feeding the …

Sunday Club 11/9/16

Matthew 15 v32-39, the feeding of the 5000.  We made paper plate faces to make us into a crowd and watched a video on this miracle. We then had strawberry meringues for a snack.

Sunday Club 4/9/16

Matthew 8 v23-27 are about Jesus calming the storm at sea when he was on the boat with his disciples. Ruby and Brett did a role play made made a boat from chairs and a sheet.