Sunday Club 28/8/16

Following the theme of God's power in Matthew 8, we learnt a song and did it in a round together in church and got the congregation to join in.

Sunday Club 21/8/16

We are back after the holidays and studying Matthew 8 v 1-4 about the power of Jesus healing a man with a skin disease.  The children played a game with sticky dots and went into church to give everyone a surprise.

Sunday Club 11/8/16

On 11th August Sunday Club and FYF took a trip on the Seagull Trust boat up the Caledonian Canal in Inverness.  We enjoyed some lovely refreshments and some of us even had a go at steering the boat! Thank you to all the Seagull Trust volunteers who made our morning special.

Sunday Club 26/6/16

Last week we made Fathers Day cards out of pretend twenty pound notes. We watched a video about Paul and the letters he wrote to the different churches that he visited, these are called epistles. Sunday Club are on holiday from 3rd July and start back on 21st August.

Sunday Club 5/6/16

Paul the missionary travels to far off places. Paul tells us God is the One True God and wants us to be faithful to him. With a Christening on were have more children in Sunday Club to play with and get the parachute out for a game.  

Sunday Club 22/5/16

We looked at Acts 3, where Peter and John met a lame beggar man who was collecting money at the steps of the temple. They did not give him money but healed him in Jesus name, so  he could walk again.

Sunday Club 8/5/16

We looked at a video animation of how life was for the believers of Jesus.  The people were kind and shared everything they had with each other.  The church was not the building but the people who met together.  In church Andrew, the trainee minister, very kindly gave out presents of Christian books to all …

Sunday Club 1/5/16

In our circle we prayed for Fred and Doreen who are in hospital. We read about what Jesus did after he rose from the dead and how he appeared to his disciples.  Tom Thomas gave us some marigold seedlings to pot up and grow at home.  Thank you Tom.