Church News Sunday 9th August

Church News Sunday 9th August

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF The Sunday Club and FYF are on holiday and will return on Sunday 23rd August. As always there is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning.

PRAYER GROUP The prayer group will meet on Wednesday 12th August at 10.00am in the small hall.

PASTORAL CARE TEAM  Please contact either your elder or the coordinator, Janette Steele (01349 861591), if you need some assistance. We will do our best to help. Please allow time for arrangements to be made for taking you to appointments.

CONON GALA The Conon Gala is being held on Saturday 29th August and the Church has agreed to provide the teas, in our hall, between 2pm-4pm with the proceeds going to the Church. Donations of baking would be greatly appreciated for this and also help with serving the teas. If you feel you can help with this event, please add your name to the list at the back of the Church.

SOUP LUNCHES Once again we intend to hold the Friday soup lunches in the Church hall during the autumn/winter months. As you will appreciate, it can be difficult finding suitable speakers for these events, so any suggestions of speakers willing to join us, would be greatly appreciated. If you can help with this please contact Janet Murray.

GUILD These are the six new Projects the Guild will be supporting in the years 2015 – 2018 under the heading “Be Bold, Be Strong!”. Click on each of the names for more information.

Street Pastors (Ascension Trust): They hope to inform, dispel myths and raise awareness of Street Pastors. They hope to deliver the extensive training programme in more innovative ways, including distance learning.

Let’s stick together (Care for the Family): They aim to promote strong family relationships and to help those who face family difficulties. The target group is new mums and dads.

Caring for Mother Earth in Bolivia (Christian Aid): “We would love to protect our forests, because they are the lung, not only of Bolivia, but for other countries as well. ”

Breaking the Cycle of FGM (Feed the Minds): Empowering women and girls in Kenya to fight the horrendous practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Haiti Project (Mission International): MI is a Christian missionary charity based in Dundee. They hope to construct a multipurpose building to be used as a school, community centre and new church centre.

All Friends Together (Prospects): This is to help churches welcome people with learning disabilities and include them in all aspects of church life and to build friendships – with Jesus and other church members.

We hope as Ferintosh Guild decides to support three of these worthy projects over the coming years, you will also want to give your prayerful support.

Order of Service for this week