The new session of the Guild has begun. We started off with the discussion topic this year which was entitiled “Let’s talk about working through conflict.” This could have been a very serious and “dry” evening. However, the material produced by the Resources Team nationally helped us to have light and shade in the meeting. There was some laughter and food for thought and some talk about serious issues of today.

The three year strategy is called “Be Bold, Be Strong!” with this year concentrating on “Go in Peace”.

The members voted on the three projects we hope to support over the three years. We chose 1) Breaking the Cycle of FGM (Feed the Minds) 2) All Friends Together (Prospects) 3) Let’s Stick Together (Care for the Family) out of the six the Guild as a whole will support.

Irene, Janet and Janette attended the Annual Gathering of the Guild in Dundee on Saturday 5th September. Interesting speakers, meeting up with friends and, of course, the National Guild Choir. This turned out to be all in the Caird Hall singing!