Church News Sunday 23rd July

SUNDAY CLUB AND FYF Sunday Club and FYF are finished for the summer. There is a Crèche for pre-school children each Sunday morning.

PRAYER GROUP The prayer meetings continue on Wednesday mornings at 10.00am in the small hall. The Prayer Group are happy to pray for any requests which any of the congregation have. Feel free to put any prayers in the box in the vestibule.

PASTORAL CARE Despite it being holiday season, there are still team members available to give you some help should it be required. Contact either your elder or the coordinator, Janette Steele (01349 861591) and we will do our very best to assist.

CHURCH’S FINANCES Six months of this year have now passed and for the period to 30th June our Payments have amounted to £25,106, whereas Receipts totalled £22,648, leaving us with a deficit for the period of £2,458.

CAR PARKING If you are a car driver, when parking in the car park adjacent to the church on a Sunday morning (or indeed at any other time), please park your car so that other users of the car park are not blocked in and inconvenienced. Many thanks.

HIGHLAND FOODBANK  As you will have seen on TV news, children and families are having difficulty in providing a proper meal during the summer holidays. Please, we would ask you to think about donating to the local foodbank where the need is so great. Long grain rice, tins of tomatoes, tins of corned beef, dog/cat food are still wanted too.

NEW START HIGHLAND During the summer, items for New Start are being collected. Cleaning Packs: basin, cloth, tea towel, sponge, washing-up liquid, brush & pan set. Starter Packs: grater, colander, scale, baking tray, chopping board, cake tin, teapot, sealable containers, jug, wooden spoon, potato masher, fish slice, tin opener, ladle, mixing bowl, casserole dish. These items do not need to be brand new but in very good condition, perhaps something surplus to your requirements. Please leave items in the small hall .Thank you.

PASTORAL DUTIES Rev’d Russel Smith can be contacted on 861011 if required for any Pastoral duties.

Order of Service for this week