Sunday Club 30/10/16

Sunday Club and FYF have collected lots of practical items and gifts to put into two shoe boxes for the Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal, that will be sent off to Albania for Christmas.  I took them along to  the Free Church Hall, Maryburgh, the next week to give to Marie and the team of volunteers.  I arrived at tea break which was handy!  But they got me working on wrapping some of the plain shoe boxes in Christmas paper.

The volunteers (several from our Church) spend days checking the boxes and making up more from donations given to the Blythswood shops.  A calendar is also added to each adult box and a book to the children’s box.  Each large box holds about 10 shoe boxes. In one day the can do over 700 boxes!  At the end of each day these are loaded onto a Blythswood van ready to be transported.  Marie says a big thank you to everyone who donated to this great cause.