Sunday Club & FYF update

December 2014 was a busy time for both the FYF and Sunday Club.

On Saturday 6th December, instead of having our traditional Christmas party, we all went to the Pantomime in Dingwall Academy to see “The Three Musketeers”  a play by the Dingwall Players. The play starred one our members of FYF, Fraser Holmes. Everyone had a really enjoyable time. Below is a picture of the members of the Sunday Club and FYF who came along to the event.

mobile pics 173

On the 7th December we organised the after Church teas, coffees and bakes to help raise money for our Natalia, our sponsored child from Guatemala. (Please see our previous post for more detailed information on this day) In the picture below you can see some young people who helped out on the day.

mobile pics 175

On Sunday 21st December, we preformed our Nativity play during the Morning Christmas Service. This year the Nativity was told from the perspective of the donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem. It was very well received by the congregation. After the service we went on holiday until Sunday 11th January 2015.

Well done to everyone who either participated in the Play or helped in the staging of it. Below is a photo of the children who starred in our Nativity Play.